Mentor session: ask me anything on moving abroad

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I've lived and worked in over a dozen countries across four continents: Europe, U.S., Africa and Asia. I was an employee and have also been a freelancer and then an entrepreneur. I can respond to your questions about traveling vs living abroad. This is a unique opportunity to tap into my first-hand expat experience. It can be a daunting move, so I'm here to remove the myths and help you envision a sound transition.

We will speak either on a private Google hangout, or on Facebook video or Skype.

I will share from my experience but in no way am giving you instructions on how to live your life! You are solely responsible for your decisions. Thank you!

Getting started

  • Where you are now, where you are thinking of moving to
  • What is your work situation: employed full-time, freelancer, entrepreneur
  • A list of the 5 things that scare or worry you the most
  • A list of all the questions you want to ask