Content curation + scheduling: 200 targeted items for your social media channels

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Do you need to find a LOT of specialized content for your social media?
The challenge is that it's time consuming and labor intensive to look through a bazillions sources AND find the pertinent content that aligns with your needs and editorial calendar.

I will:

  • curate 200 targeted items for you
  • schedule the content on your social media channels following your editorial calendar
  • craft short copy for each share

The items will comprise:

  • in-depth studies and analyses,
  • opinion pieces,
  • authoritative blog posts,
  • news items,
  • and occasionally third-party Instagram posts.

Curation will be ongoing until we reach 200 items; scheduling will follow in stride.
Delivery is over a total of 1 month maximum, scheduling included.

That's 200 days of Facebook posts at 1 post/day, 200 days of LinkedIn posts, an infinite number of days of Twitter posts on recycle mode
The package and quality of content will save you HOURS of work and many headaches!

Getting started

  • contract signed
  • your editorial calendar
  • your website and all other material already available on the event or desired topic
  • a paragraph explaining exactly what you need the content for: ramping up for an event or something else
  • a list of the specialist outlets you want me to look through, if any
  • a list of anything you want me to exclude
  • we will start with a 15 min call to make sure I understand your needs based on the material you'll have shared with me
  • access to your Hootsuite/Buffer/Tweetdeck or other scheduling tool and access to your Facebook page as an editor