Content curation: 200 targeted items for your social media channels

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You need to find a TON of targeted content prior to an event you're organizing or something like that.
The challenge: it's really time consuming to look through a bazillions sources AND find the right content that's aligned with your needs

I will curate the content for you and provide you with a list of 200 articles that you can share on your social channels -- Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

The list will comprise

  • in-depth studies and analyses,
  • opinion pieces,
  • blog posts,
  • news items
  • and occasionally third-party Instagram posts, when applicable

Because it will comprise news items, the list will be ongoing until we reach 200.
Delivery is over a total of 1 month maximum, in a spreadsheet, with a short commentary for you to use on each.

200 items means 100 days of Facebook posts at 2 posts/day, 200 days of LinkedIn posts at 1/day, an infinite number of days of Twitter posts on recycle mode.
The package will spare you HOURS of research and headaches!

Getting started

  • contract signed
  • website and other material already available
  • a paragraph explaining exactly what you need the content for: ramping up for an event or something else
  • a list of the specialist outlets you want me to look through, if any
  • a list of anything you want me to exclude
  • we will start with a 15 min call to make sure I understand your needs based on the material you'll have shared with me.